How we can help with WorkCover

Mindset Synergy is experienced with assisting injured workers to return to work.  The injured worker will be referred by a registered medical practitioner and will have a current medical certificate to cover the period of the service.

Mindset Synergy play an important part of the rehabilitation process by:

  1. Providing appropriate treatment to an injured worker
  2. Ensuring that the worker understands their injury and what is required to restore function by:
    •  Facilitating their return to work as early and as safely as possible
    •  Providing advice to the injured worker to assist with the injury management process
    •  Providing feedback (verbal/written) to the employer’s Rehabilitation and Return to Work Co-ordinator (RRTWC) and insurer case manager
    •  Assisting with the selection of suitable duties and workplace modifications at the workplace
    •  Conducting assessments to determine a person’s work capacity
  3. Workers are actively involved in the development and implementation of rehabilitation services.

Services Delivered

Mindset Synergy assist and support workers with an array of psychological services that are outcome-focused and goal-orientated services, which are focused on achieving maximum function and safely returning the worker to work.  Bio psychosocial factors are considered when working with injured workers.

Services offered are:

Psychological Services
Consultation (Initial and Consultation)
Critical Incident Debriefing Sessions
Group Education Sessions
Independent Case Review
Workplace Evaluation Assessment
Return to Work Facilitation
Suitable Duties Program
Monitoring Suitable Duties Program
Vocational Assessment
Job Seeking and Preparation Service
Job Placement Service
Case Conference
Reporting (Progress, Standard and Comprehensive)

Why returning to work is important

The research paper, Realising the Health Benefits of Work, (April 2010, Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) highlights that being off work for long periods of time can significantly reduce the likelihood of a worker ever returning to work and can have a negative effect on the worker and their family.

The paper indicates work plays an important role in any rehabilitation process because ‘doing’ promotes recovery. If a person is off work for:

•  20 days, the chance of ever getting back to work is 70 per cent
•  45 days, the chance of ever getting back to work is 50 per cent
•  70 days, the chance of ever getting back to work is 35 per cent.

Mindset Synergy work with the worker to return them to their pre-injury role.  Suitable duties programs are developed where required and appropriate, so that a worker receives increased benefits when they return to work.

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Psychologists at Mindset Synergy hold current registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA), are Medicare approved, offer Hicaps, and all staff have an active blue card, and undertake criminal history screening.