Are you ready for Coaching?

If you are considering coaching, here are some of the five attributes that we find people do well in a coaching situation.

Committed to Change

Are there areas in your life that you want to improve?  Are you willing to take responsibility and step outside of your comfort zone?

Open to information about themselves

Are you a person who is open to look at alternatives, actively reflect, and allow space to grow professionally and personally?

Open about themselves

Are you willing to engage in topics that may be uncomfortable but are getting in the way of your professional development?

Appreciate New Perspectives

Are you a person who looks at a situation with a sense of curiosity?  Are you willing to look at different perspectives and open up to new learning? Are you willing to synthesize knowledge so that they you can benefit from coaching?

Awareness about one’s self and others

Do you have a fair amount of awareness about yourself? Do you actively reflect on your behaviour or happy to start reflecting so that you understand how your behaviour impacts other people in the range of situations that come your way.